Emergency Optimist Meditations

Facing challenges? Run out of ideas? Help is at hand….

Think of a challenging situation and scan down these short written meditations and choose one that can help you move in a positive direction.
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em op meditations for med lounge

    Thank You For Being My Voice. I Was Thinking This I Just Needed To Hear It And Indeed Listen.

    The best one for me is Hope and Optimism, I have been using this for years to programme my personal and business goals.
    From Tom Coats Glasgow.

    have listened to this meditation for years. It is my favourite, the combination of music and voice are exquisite.

    The hope and optimism is the best and really works. I have been using this for years and program whilst I play this 6 mins of meditation.
    Go on give it a go.

    Tom C

Emergency Optimist Meditations