withdraw and clear your mind

This meditation guides you through the first step of Raja Yoga – to withdraw your attention from the sights and sounds of the outside – and release the contents of your mind.

    really useful for new and more experienced meditators to catch the essence and simplicity of Raja Yoga. thanks!!

    Yes meditation and yoga can help you focus and dipsicline your mind and soul. However, there are proper techniques that you should learn. Either you can join classes in order to get a proper professional lesson or else if you want to learn by yourself then try to buy DVDs- for beginners (there are several in the market). Simple ways to do yoga involves breathing and concentration. I can’t explain the postures because it is better for you to have visuals. So I suggest you look for books or DVDs or even websites that gives you a thorough direction on both yoga and meditation. Good luck:)

    I can feel it very first time.

    I found the music on Step Two intrusive. Rather than facilitate the process, it distracted from it. Suggest you change the music. 🙂

    Very relaxing and easy to visualise

    nice but not for brand new beginners..

    I done the meditation for the first time and had a glimpse of lightness. I will repeat it to see where this lightness is located and its movements in my body.

    Deeply relaxing brief meditation thank you so much.

withdraw and clear your mind